Meet Heartwood’s Newest U.S. Citizen, Nenita Parcasio


Ted Silverstein

Nenita’s journey began in the Philippines.  This is a family success story and one we at Heartwood are grateful to be a part of!  Nenita began working at Heartwood first in housekeeping in 2012.  Last year Nenita joined the kitchen team at Heartwood.  Nenita’s team members love working with her because she is very funny and fast at every area in the kitchen.  Nenita and her husband started taking English and citizenship classes at the Tacoma Community House together.  It was very challenging; many people did not make it through the program.  On November 1, 2022, Nenita and her husband took the citizenship test.  They both successfully passed and are both very proud citizens of the United States of America.

Nenita enjoys being with her family, husband, Jacinto, Jr.  and their sons, Alexander, 13, and Angelo, 6.   She is a fantastic cook, and loves taking care of her family.  Nenita truly enjoys life and all that she has accomplished!  We celebrate you, Nenita Parcasio!

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